Founded in 2018 by Lucious Freeman our CEO the Teen Research and Academic Preparedness Program provides a youth-driven safe place for at-risk pre – teens and teens to connect with one another, gain access to valuable academic support, and engage in unique learning opportunities that will reveal their strengths and interests. All youth can excel when provided with opportunities for healthy risk-taking, allowing them to discover their own identities and unique skills.

Studies and research show that youth attendance in out-of-school programs is positively associated with many academic and non-academic outcomes. This includes higher grades and academic achievement, less problematic and risky behaviors, reduced amount of drinking and drug use, increased engagement in service-learning opportunities, leadership and volunteering opportunities, and better emotional adjustment. Our staff is dedicated to the critical mission of helping young people within our community navigate through their adolescent years safely and with self-confidence.TRAP will offer a positive environment that fosters healthy youth growth through youth development programming activities such as academic support, STEM+Arts activities, diverse social interaction, and recreational activities.


The mission of the Teen Research and Academic Preparedness Program is to be a youthdriven teen program providing a safe, positive environment where at-risk pre-teens and teens can engage in constructive STEM+the Arts based educational and recreational activities.


At TRAP we strive to demonstrate and inspire the following professional values, both in our own work and in that of the teens we serve:

  • Excellence: TRAP works to achieve excellence by expanding a culture of responsibility, accountability, and sustainability as we continuously enhance both the quality of our program experience for the teens we serve and the efficiency of our operations.
  • Teamwork: TRAP recognizes the value of teamwork among our program participants and program providers, within our staff, and with our extensive network of public and private partners.
  • Respect: TRAP respects, supports, and encourages the diversity, talent, creativity, energy, and dedication of our youth participants, staff, and program providers.
  • Commitment: TRAP is committed to impacting and engaging our youth participants, staff, and program providers with meaningful, hands-on opportunities for personal and professional growth, and to positively impacting the schools and communities we serve throughout Jacksonville, FL.
  • Innovation: TRAP demonstrates innovation and leadership by providing new opportunities and experiences to youth who participate in our programs, and by encouraging our teens and staff to develop, share and implement best practices in out-of-school time programming.


The Teen Research and Academic Preparedness Program strives to develop and empower a wide range of diversified youth, who will develop into productive leaders within the local and global community. We will achieve this by delivering programs that:

  • Expand youth’s critical thinking, creativity, communication skills, and collaboration with peers. 
  • Expose teens to opportunities that are integrated with STEM +the Arts (science, technology, engineering, math, and the Arts) fields.
  • Provide academic support through the use of developmentally appropriate resources
  • Prepare youth for post-secondary endeavors including college, technical school, college, and other avenues that promote successful integration into adult society.

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